Retail Division

Since our establishment we have endeavored to offer our market quality furniture from some of the world’s leading and trend setting manufacturers that influence the lifestyles of people around the world. These products come in either ready-made or custom-made forms to suit various tastes and sizes.

We offer both high quality and value for money products and give our clients access to financial solutions through our association with the leading banks in Saudi Arabia.

We serve our clients in the main cities of Saudi Arabia with 12 branches and we shall in the near future extend our coverage to almost all residential hubs in the country. This will enable us better serve our clients.

Projects Division

Our projects division is manned with experts in interior design, finishing work and project management teams. It aims to serve the following segments of the market; Residential Compounds, Individual Residences, Hotels, Furnished Apartments, Public areas like lounges and banquet areas etc and Offices.

We operate from 3 centers in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and supply ready-made and custom-made products from our various reputable vendors or our company’s manufacturing facilities in Saudi Arabia.

This division offers design and supply services as well as related fit-out works.

Manufacturing Division

Almutlaq Furniture established its manufacturing facilities over 45 years ago.

FOAM Factory produces high quality Polyurethane foam for the furniture industry in various densities.

UPHOLSTERY Factory produces living room furniture under license from Bassett Furniture, USA.

MATTRESSES Factory, produces ATLAS Brand and it is quite well known in Saudi Arabia, and is considered as the product of choice of many furniture vendors in Saudi Arabia.

MATTRESS Factory produces premium bedding collection under license from ECLIPSE INTERNATIONAL, USA. The ECLIPLE collection features wide variety of premium bedding products.

Our manufacturing capabilities are quite flexible to produce products that meet market or special projects demands and over the years our products have been supplied to hundreds of clients across Saudi Arabia.